Riding Adventure

For many years, GAIA has been dedicated to low-carbon tourism around the world with well appreciated. We continue to look for unique destinations and ways; cross-country expeditions are one of our events. Its itinerary and route are excellent. 

With support, whether it's food, medicine or transportation, we provide you a pleasant and safe enjoyment. All of our cross-country vacations are graded according to your ability to arrange your routes and provide cross-country bikes or horses supporting on your journey to help you have a perfect vacation. 

When you ride your horse or cross-country bike to explore villages and villages in remote corners of the globe, to explore hidden areas that are inaccessible to tourist vehicles, you can walk and stop at any time. 

Is there a better way to immerse yourself in it?  You may dream of going to Namibia's dunes to Victoria's raging waterfalls, dreaming of the vertigo heights of Mount Kilimanjaro and the dreamy shores of Zanzibar, dreaming of the African savannas. Watching millions of wildebeests cross the Mara River, dreaming of seeing elephants bathe in the sparkling waters of the Okavango Delta; of visiting proud lions in Kruger; of crossing the Sahara with camels; Dream of skipping lemurs along the roads of Madagascar or gorillas slouching on leaves in the Virunga Mountains. Whatever your dreams, we can make your journey tailored to your needs.

Detail:  holiday@gaia-adv.com